The DigiPiglet Journey

We've sent our DigiPiglet on a journey. The first destination was Belgium, where it was well received by its first recipient. The DigiPiglet has a QR code on the bottom which is its public Bitcoin addressThe only private key is inside the DigiPiglet, you have to cut it open to get to it. Anybody is invited to donate, the entire amount will go to families in need in Venezuela. 

How It Works

  1. Like a collection basket, the DigiPiglet gets handed from person to person (100 people in total), each putting in at least 5€ ($5,50) in Bitcoin on the DigiPiglet Public Bitcoin Address.
  2. The person holding the piglet decides who the next trustworthy recipient is and posts on social media who they're sending it to. You can post on any public social media page: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Steemit etc.
  3. The 99th recipient sends it back to us
  4. We unload the balance and send the Bitcoin to a Venezuelan Charity Organization (sending the DigiPiglet physically would be too risky).
  5. If the Kickstarter campaign for DigiPiglets gets funded, each participant receives a free DigiPiglet.


1. Germany
2. Belgium
3. Netherlands (Bitcointalk community)
4. Netherlands  (Steemit community)
5. United Kingdom (Wales)
6. Greece
7. Denmark
8. t.b.a.



Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out more. You can also check out the original Thread on bitcointalk here. DigiPiglet Bitcoin Address:  1NETDSdHh6Zoot4BohbWP1ZqCapPvHFih9