DigiPiglets - Original
DigiPiglets - Original

DigiPiglets - Original

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The Original DigiPiglet

Currently available on Kickstarter - CLICK HERE


DigiPiglet is a physical cryptocurrency piggy bank, designed to save small amounts of money and introduce people to Bitcoin. Included in your DigiPiglet is the public and the private key, printed on a security label that acts like a tamper-proof seal. The label will display your Bitcoin public address, so you can load up your DigiPiglet with more Bitcoin if you want to. In order to redeem the coins, you have to peal off the security label to reveal the QR code that lets you unload your Bitcoin. Since there is no electronics involved, the coins on your DigiPiglet cannot be hacked. 


The security label will adhere to the same security standards as banks use for sending credit card pins via mail. The security label will display the private key only when pealed off, thereby, ensuring the user that his Bitcoins are safe. 


Check out our FAQ or Contact us if you have any questions. Check out our Blog to find out more about Bitcoin and saving money.